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YouTube Promotion


We’ll help you promote your music video and increase views, followers and comments

Some Insights on Youtube Advertising

So you have just released a new music video, but it’s not getting the traction you expected? I bet you were sure it was going to appear on the correlate or suggested videos and become viral, right? Well, no video becomes instantly viral if you’re not putting it in front of people that might like your music. 

Luckily for you, Google Ads gives us the opportunity to promote your music videos to the audience you specifically want to target. Is it going to be expensive? These are the results from one of our last campaigns:

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This is a graphic from one of the last campaigns we ran on Google Ads to promote a music video. I suggest you put the attention on the average CPV, (which means cost per view).  The CPV for this campaign was exactly 1 cent, which means that we paid around 1 cent, sometimes less, per every viewer that watched our video. Is it possible to do less than that? Of course, if Google starts running ads for free. 

This is one of the lowest CPV that you can possibly achieve of course, and that’s the average result we want our clients to achieve with their promotions. 

Maria, our previous Google Assistant, told us ‘well, be prepared, I’m sorry to say your price is going to rise to at least 6/7 cents, so be ready’. Well, Maria thank you for being so encouraging, but I am sorry to tell you that this did not happen, as you can see above.

Apparently, Google really wants you to spend more money than you should, but we are here to avoid this and run smooth and successful campaigns for your music videos.


If you’re already using Google ads and you want to ask us for some help, don’t hesitate to book a call with us.