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Spotify Growth


Increase your streams and following consistently through Facebook and Instagram Ads

Some Insights on OUR CAMPAIGNS

Always the same story, you have a new song that just came out, but all the blogs you sent your music didn’t respond or didn’t want to cover it. You sent it to famous Youtube music channels but nothing to do, your song is ignored or doesn’t grow as you expected. The only thing that actually grows is your anxiety since you think your music is not good enough, and you probably should quit since nobody likes your music. Don’t worry man!!
If curators around the world are too busy to share your song, it doesn’t mean there are not people around the world that might be interested in your music. Of course, your music needs to be good, but on the other side, you cannot expect that if you did the best song in the world, instantly everyone is going to listen to it, since they don’t even know who you are. 
And here comes the best tool we have in modern days: PAID ADVERTISEMENT. You might be thinking: ‘Nah man I don’t wanna spam to random people my music’. But what if I tell you that you can target an audience that potentially likes you even before they see your ADS?
That’s not magic, that’s the power of advanced targeting, which helps you attract and grow a fanbase even if nobody knows you. And that is now completely possible using Facebook Ads (for growing your streams) and Google Ads (for growing your views on YouTube). 
The typical guy would say ‘Yeah dude, I already do Facebook Ads, I just click promote on Instagram, and I’m done’. Well, I’m sorry to tell you that’s that simple. This is just the best way to throw your money away and give it straight to Facebook without having any good results.

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If you really want to advertise to your potential fans and get cheap results you should use a platform called Facebook Business Manager, I know you’re clever enough and you probably already know it, but trust me, there’s a lot of people that don’t know what I’m talking about. 
Facebook Business Manager is the platform where we manage all our advertisements to grow the following of our clients on their streaming platforms. Your Ad will be promoted on both Facebook and Instagram (including Stories and Feed) based on the situation. 

Through our expertise, we will use this tool and our advanced advertising knowledge to promote your music. If you think you don’t have any or enough content to be used to advertise your song, well don’t worry. Together with our creatives, we will create an AD that’s going to be able to convert new listeners into hardcore fans.

EVERY ARTIST CAN ACHIEVE THIS: our job into practice

Take a look at our work with the indie rock band BVRDEN. In less than 2 months their latest song “Lies” reached over 62k streams on Spotify and it has now more than 120k streams, triggering both the Discover Weekly and Release Radar. Thanks to this and new fans constantly listening to their song on their own playlists, the band is still reaching 1.1k streams per day

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One thing that’s really important for Spotify, and one of the variables that give you the chance of being included on the algorithmic playlists (basically playlists created by Spotify to give you a boost in audience and plays), is the SAVE RATE. You find this rate when you divide the saves the song gained by the number of listeners. Look for example to “Acrost” another artist we followed. As you can see his song ‘Pink Rabbit’ had a SAVE RATE of 78%, which is an impressive percentage. It means that almost 8 people out of ten liked and saved the song, and they will probably listen to it again, add it to their personal playlists and give you more streams. This is another variable that will help you see your song on an algorithmic Spotify playlist such as Release Radar and Discover Weekly.

Save rate 2 Pink Rabbit

During the campaign with the band BVRDEN another crucial element increased for them: their FOLLOWERS. That’s probably the most important thing of all as your followers will get notified when your new song will come out, and it would be instantly put on their Release Radar.

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We will run Facebook ADS, using your budget to help you build your own career. Record labels would use the same tools to promote your music. So don’t wait to be signed to a record label, you don’t need it. Start to invest in yourself and find your own path. 
Plus, bear in mind that the initial investment from a record label will be subtracted from your initial earnings, and even after that, it takes 50% of your earnings from your music sales and streams, living you with very little reward.  Then again: do you really need a record label to start a music career? Probably not.


If you’re already using Facebook Ads and you need support for your current or next release, don’t hesitate to book a call with us.