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Loop Solitaire is a music marketing agency that focuses on music artists’ and bands’ growth through Advertisement Services (Facebook and Google Ads) and Project Planning Services. Scheduling artists’ new releases and supporting them in achieving short, medium and long-term goals. Loop Solitaire also offers Website Creation, Website Support and Implementation services.
Nope. Although we have some Spotify Playlists focused on indie genres we don’t do playlist placement packages and we don’t charge artists to be added to our playlists or others’ playlists either. Being paid to directly add music on Spotify Playlists, without any ancillary service in between, falls against Spotify Policy Rules and we don’t offer nor encourage to use this kind of service. If you want to be added to our own playlists you can send your music on Submit Hub ( or Musosup ( These services do require a payment, however, you are paying Submit Hub to receive constructive feedback from curators and eventually be covered by them, while Musosoup doesn’t charge artists for being added to Spotify Playlists at all.
Loop Solitaire doesn’t offer any Publicist Service. Our services don’t include sending your music to radio, blogs, or playlists curators. Anyway, we organize your release in order to make you (or your PR) contact blogs and curators at the best time, so that your release will take the most from this kind of coverage, facilitating the YouTube or Spotify Algorithm to do their work.
We work with all music genres, although we work with selected artists based on our availability and if we feel in line with the project. If you want to know if we can help you out with your music project, you can either book a free call (service coming) or you can contact us through email (
For Advertising Services, we will create Ads, from scratch or using your content, and sponsor them through Facebook Ads Manager and/or Google Ads Manager. In case you will opt for Spotify or Facebook Services, we will need permission to your Facebook Ads Manager, and for YouTube to your Google Ads Manager. In this case, we take a fee that is based on the total artists’ budget that we are going to manage. The fee ranges from around 20% and 40% of your total budget, based on how much you’re willing to allocate. For example, if you want us to manage £1000 on Facebook Ads or Google Ads, the management fee might be around £200/£400 based on the service/time-length of the project. Usually the more the services and budget the less the management fee in proportion. For Website Services, we will build a new website with all the relevant sections and graphics based on your needs. To build the website, we will need access to your Website and Hosting provider, in case you have one, or we would do this for you. After every service purchase, we arrange a video meeting and onboarding with the clients in order to plan everything in detail and to set all the platforms correctly. For Website Creation and Support Services, you can find the pricing list here. ( If something is unclear or you want a quote for your project feel free to book a free call (service coming) or to contact us through email (
No, we don’t need any password. You will just give us permission to use your Ad Platform by sending us an invitation from the platform itself. We cover this during our onboarding session, so you do not need to worry about it.
If you need support for a platform that is not mentioned on the website, or you need help for your music project, you can send us an email through our contact form (service coming) or book a free consultation with us (