Interview with Myrkvi


Myrkvi’s new album ‘Reflections’ is out now

I’m really glad I had the chance to chat with the suggestive new artist Myrkvi from Iceland. We talked about his inspiration behind the album, his indie rock music project Vio as well as his future plans. 

Congratulations on your debut Album “Reflections”. Tell us about the theme and concept behind the album and your story so far.

Thank you. Reflections was many years in the making and that really shaped the album. I finished my first solo song, the title song, in 2015 and wrote most of the other songs on the album during different periods from then until 2018. During these years, the main focus was on my other band, Vio. The Reflections songs were written at very different periods in my life and they were originally made just by an urge to write, it wasn’t until later that I decided to release them and start a solo career. Creating songs has always been my sort of way to cope with whatever feelings I am experiencing or what is going on in my life. Then, looking back when we started recording the songs, I could see all these different windows to my recent past and together they kind of tell the story of my early 20s.

Why did you decide to use the moniker “Myrkvi” for your solo project?

At first, I simply wanted to use my given name, Magnús Thorlacius, as is most common for new artists to do in Iceland today. Then I started to have doubts about that as Magnús is a very common name. I even have a cousin named Magnús Thorlacius who has also released music! After I had decided to go with an artist name, I just opened the dictionary and looked over the M section. Myrkvi immediately caught my eye, I somehow found it fitting both for me as a person and a musician. Myrkvi means eclipse in Icelandic which is both beautiful and dark at the same time. There is a contrast between the name and music which I love as well. The music is often rather light but the lyrics melancholic.

What are your plans for your indie-rock band “Vio”? Do these two music projects influence each other somehow?

We are working on our second album which I am really excited about. It has been many years in the making but it is now in its final stages, we might even start releasing something new this year. We have really just focused on the album and been on a hiatus on every other platform, such as concert and promotion-wise. They definitely influence each other heavily but more so in that Vio influences Myrkvi. I also write most of the songs for Vio so the Myrkvi songs are the ones that don’t fit for Vio. The Vio songs resonate with the rock part of me while the Myrkvi songs tend to go more to my folk roots. Being in a band, like Vio, is also just always personal and complicated which in itself influences me as a person and a musician.

Who have been your biggest influences so far?

Listening to my parents’ Simon and Garfunkel had a deep effect on me as a kid since they were the reason I wanted to become better at playing guitar. In recent times, Mac Demarco and Tame Impala have been my main influences. They simply opened new doors to me musically. These days I am mostly listening to Skegss, Dope Lemon and Cut Worms.


What inspires you to start a music career?

I guess there can be many different reasons but for me it was simply the joy of writing music, that’s what I enjoy most in the world.


How do you find the modern Icelandic music scene, and how do you think your music project differs from the rest?

Hip hop and R&B have reigned supreme in the local scene for almost a decade here I think, but there is always a vibrant and amazingly brilliant scene of all kinds of music going on. The number of talented musicians and bands from here is mind-blowing. These days I am most excited about the new stuff from Pale Moon and Kaktus Einarsson. But the list is endless, I am also a huge fan of Andy Svarthol, Ásgeir, Vök, JFDR and many more. I think Myrkvi is a bit unique, both in being as folk and acoustic influenced as it is and in blending that with indie-rock and pop. People have found it unexpectedly sunny and world-fused considering it is from Iceland, the home of today’s Mordor in Geldingadalur.


After this album what do you have in store for your fans in 2021?

I can promise you that I will be working super hard on the next Myrkvi album! It might not be ready until next year but I will definitely start playing the new stuff in concerts soon. Touring is still very tricky and virtually impossible at the moment but I am booked for Iceland Airwaves this autumn, hope to see you there! I am confident that 2021 will be amazing in one way or another.


Anything else you would like to add?

Just thanks for a super nice interview. Keep on with the amazing work you are doing at Loop Solitaire!


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