Interview with Malena Cadiz


The artist’s new single ‘Where Is My Mind’ is out now

Malena Cadiz is an incredibly talented songwriter you absolutely need to follow. We discuss her new cover of “Where Is My Mind” from  The Pixies as well as an original tune later this year called “Sparrow Sparrow”. I definitely can’t wait to listen for more. 

You just released a cover of “Where Is My Mind” from The Pixies, how was it for you to create a personal rendition of such an influential tune from the 90s?

It’s a song I’ve always loved but never thought about the lyrics that much. Matt (of Memory Spells) is doing this project reimagining his favorite songs from the 80s and 90s. I loved getting to sit with the words more and connect with the song on a deeper level. Where Is My Mind” started to mean something much more calming and peaceful. I’ve been meditating a lot more since the pandemic started and that line “try this trick and spin in” felt like one of those meditation prompts where you’re looking at your consciousness from the outside.

Your latest original track instead is called “Sparrow Sparrow”, which you wrote together with Matt Bauer, tell us about this collaboration and the story behind the tune.

We wrote this with our friend Isla June. We wrote it for a synch pitch at first actually. Something moody and earthy — but I’ve had moments of relating to this feeling of escape for sure – leaving an old life and blindly trying to find your direction.

In the past, you had the chance to tour the US and Europe, what was your favorite live experience and the city where you would like to play again?

I loved touring Italy so much. I put out my record “Sunfair” right after having my daughter and it was so crazy. My husband came along and we did a run of shows all over Italy with an 11 month old baby. Everyone was so welcoming and each venue was so special.


For a while you lived between Singapore and Michigan, how did this experience inspire you creatively?

I was a teenager, this was the moment I started playing guitar. My dad had just brought one back from a business trip; he and his brothers used to always play together when I was growing up. He taught me some chords and I was obsessed. I started a band with my friends and wrote tons of sad, dark teenage songs. It felt like I finally had a sense of belonging and an outlet for creative expression.

How’s living in Los Angeles as a music artist and how do you find the current folk music scene in LA?

I love it here. I love the landscape, the architecture, I’ve met so many wonderful musicians and artists and there seems to be a real spirit of openness and artistic collaboration.

What inspired you to start a music career?

I was living in New York, I’d just gone through a hard break up and was working at a dress shop in the west village. After hours my friend and I would play music and ended up starting a band. We played all over town and toured a little. My brother was touring a lot at the time and took us on the road. I realized how much I loved it and had missed it. So I started writing and recording my own stuff just to see where it went.

What can we expect from you in the next months?

I have an EP I finished during quarantine and have been working on an LP that will be done soon. I hope I’ll be able to play some live shows.

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By: Romeo Ciarla