Interview with Joe Johnson


The artist’s new single ‘Brighton’ is now available

Joe Johnson is a new English Folk artist you definitely need to check out. I had the pleasure to chat with him about his live and busking experience as well as his inspirations and future plans. 

When did your music career start and what’s your story so far?

So my music career really only kicked off around 2-3 years ago around 2018, However I always knew i loved music even from when i was at school learning the piano. I then self taught back in 2012/2013 on the guitar as i’ve always wanted to play it. I love to experiment and started writing my own stuff and expressing my feelings through music.

You released two new singles during 2021, “Brighton” and “Promise”, tell us more about the releases.

So Promise was about reassuring someone I had feelings for to let them know that you can make the move from your current life and make changes if you want to assuring her that it will all be ok.

Brighton I wrote about a day busking with a friend of mine in Brighton between the two lockdowns last year. It was such a memorable day enjoying the sun, and making the most of the freedom to explore and entertain people along the way making a full day of it.

How’s your experience as a busker and what are your favorite spots?

I would say Brighton.

What has been the most prominent inspiration behind your music
so far?

Seeing Passenger play live and also busking in the streets and how he impacted the public and fans with his lyrics.

What was your best personal live experience and what’s your advice for people who want to start playing live shows?

My best personal live experience was when i was playing my local Portsmouth guildhall and there was about 200/300 people. The night was so perfect and went so smoothly and also joining in with me on some of the songs.


What’s your favorite Music Festival and which festival you would like to play on?

I think my all time favourite music festival would be Glastonbury and would love to play there.


What are your plans for the months ahead?

Umm keep writing, keep releasing and focusing on producing new music ready for what hopefully will be normality ahead.


Anything else you would like to add?

I once joined Mumford and Sons and also James Bay on a live stream and played to them both.


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By: Romeo Ciarla