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Hey there, I’m Romeo Ciarla, the founder of Loop Solitaire.

Something about me

Hey there, if you’re here you’re probably interested in knowing more about Loop Solitaire. To put it simply, Loop Solitaire is a music marketing agency that helps musicians reach their goals. We help them through Project Planning techniques and through Advertising Campaigns via Facebook Ads and Google Ads. 

NO PR agencies/Blog coverage involved in our services, NO shady playlist placement BS either. 

Here in this section usually entrepreneurs start bragging about their qualifications and professional experience, etc etc. I mean, that’s social proof and it’s totally legit, however, Linkedin was made indeed to brag about all of this, NOT the about section. So if you’re interested you can check mine out and get bored reading all the experience I had working with BNP Paribas, Babbel and O2 with my previous company, doing campaigns with insane budgets. Or you can ponder which one of my three University degrees consumed my soul the most out of Event Management and Design, Economics and General Management.  

Don’t get me wrong, I do think sharing this type of experience might be important, ’cause of course, if I didn’t study or work I wouldn’t be an experienced Digital Marketer and Project Planner as I am now. However, I also think that’s not the only thing that defines me as a person. 

First and foremost I’m a Music Lover, and after that, I’m a Musician. THEN I’m a Digital Marketer who helps other fellow musicians build a sustainable music career in the industry. 

I had many music projects, that covered genres from Punk Rock, EDM, Acoustic Folk, Metalcore, Rap, Trap, Pop, I did them all (apart from Reggae… sorry). As a producer, guitarist and vocalist I dived into many music genres, and believe me I know the hustle. I do know what it means to work hard trying to promote your release and get almost nothing in return. I had unsuccessful bands and projects, but I learned from all of them and little by little I understood how the music industry works.

Finally with my Melodic Hardcore band ‘Forecast’, I was finally able to play the Electric Triangle from backstage (joking). 


As the guitarist and manager for the band Forecast I could put everything I learned into practice. Apart from 1+million global views on Youtube and 400k+ streams on Spotify always on the rise, what was the most satisfying thing of all was playing live and see people screaming our lyrics at our shows. After we released our song Vacant we had a lot of traction and attracted a lot of interest, especially from the UK. So, there’s where we decided to move to make our music career thrive. We played several shows in the UK, especially in London, in music venues like La Scala and The Boston Music Room. We arrived at that point of our career that for selling out our merch we just needed to share a post on Facebook with a sales offer. We didn’t even have to chase our audience too much when we had a new release out on Spotify. It is at this point that having a record deal makes sense, and we were going to sign one, but life went on the way, as always. Being all the members scattered around the UK and Europe we had to take a step backward, and focus on our own jobs.

So that’s what I did, I focused on my job as an Event Planner. I was working as a Project Manager for the V.I.P. Celebrations of the EURO 2020 at the time we took a break. That was a huge event and I was incredibly excited to organize it. I was in contact with the Wembley Stadium and booking artists when all of a sudden the pandemic happened. As you know the EURO 2020 didn’t happen in 2020, so I lost my job. Now I don’t want to write this and make it sound like an ad about rising and fall and then rising again as a phoenix, screw that stuff. All the globe was dealing with this so I definitely didn’t feel I had to whine about what happened to me personally. Rather I rolled up my sleeves and started thinking about something I could do, while all the world was on standby. 

It was at that point that Loop Solitaire was born. With the band Forecast we achieved a lot of recognition and we were able to sell merch and music without the help of a record label, we even had an ROI from our royalties. If we had a record deal at that point of our career we probably would have had nothing now. Instead, we are still getting money from Spotify because people still stream our music. 

I was confident I could do the same with other artists and make them find the right path for their music career without a record label. Like a lone wolf walks his path alone, so musicians can grow their fanbase on their own, that was my concept, and this is our mission now. 

We grow an audience from a niche genre like melodic-hardcore. If we could do it, I’m confident you can find your niche as well, and in case you would need some help, Loop Solitaire is here to help you out

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